• Make a list of everything you need
  • Roll clothes instead of folding them
  • Put plane tickets, other tickets, maps, contact list, etc in a manila folder
  • Put essentials (toothbrush, extra clothes, etc) in carry on incase of lost luggage
  • If you wear contacts, make sure to pack an extra pair or glasses
  • Put cash in different spots (purse, carry on, jacket pocket)
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged and keep your charger on you
  • Look up weather in advance to better prepare for the conditions
  • Don’t forget the random stuff (tampons, q-tips, band-aids)
  • Pack a journal ! You’ll want details written down for years to come


  • Look up cheap flights
  • The sooner you book, the cheaper it is
  • Some places use Allegiant Aireline which is new, so it is a steal
  • Don’t spend your money on hotels (you’re just going to sleep and shower there)
  • Google best tourist things to visit
  • Prepay for tickets online to shows or attractions you want to go to
  • Don’t completely fill your time. It is nice to leave extra time to explore things you may come across randomly. Sometimes, that ends up being the best experience
  • In big cities, use subways over taxis. Huge money saver
  • Plan things unique to the location you are visiting. You don’t want to do things that you can do in your hometown
  • Save money by not going out to eat every meal. Save a couple of dinners to explore different restaurants or authentic foods. Start a day with brunch on a patio
  • Giving yourself 3-4 months before going on your trip will give you time to save up
  • You can always pay off your trip afterwards. Just be smart not to overdo it
  • Some credit cards give you travel points. You can pay for your trip while earning credit for your next one
  • Plan trips for after the holidays or birthday. This will allow you to get some extra money before you go
  • Avoid planning trips around busy dates to save money. Ex: Spring break at beaches, NYC during Christmas and NYE, championship playoff towns during season

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