Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville really is the home of country music. No doubt about it. Country music and it’s artists are the heart of this city. You can’t go to a bar without there being live music.

While I was here, I stayed with a friend so I had the perfect tour guide to show me the ropes. We took a ride around Music Row where many of the famous country singers have recorded chart-topping hits. The studios are not what you would expect. They are in quaint little houses. Most of Nashville is split in half architecturally. Half is very modern with lots of windows and box-like shaping; while the other half is quaint and “small town” like. This was one of my favorite parts of Nashville. I love going to different cities and seeing the difference in architecture. For instance, skyscrapers of New York, brightly colored building sides of L.A., or the garden and flower filled Chicago. Each place has it’s own unique characteristics to it.

One of the most popular spots and a must see is Nashville’s Broadway Avenue. This is where all of the bars are stretching up and down each side of the street. Now, not every bar or honky tonk plays country music, so if it’s not your thing then there are still places for you! No worries. The rooftops are perfect for soaking up a sunny day with friends and some good live entertainment. My friend and I went bar hopping. If you are limited on time I highly recommend this. Stop and get an appetizer and a drink, head to another bar for lunch, and end with dessert a few doors down. This allows you to get a taste (pun intended) of all the different bars Nashville has to offer.

Now you can’t go to Nashville and not take pictures next to the famous murals. “I Believe in Nashville” can be found at 2706 12th Ave. The “What Lifts you Wings” can be found in the Gultch at 302 11th Ave. Nashville has many different areas to it. Make sure to check out the Gultch when you go to take a picture of the mural. It is one of the more modern areas of the city.

If there was one thing I wish I could’ve done while in Nashville, is see an artist perform at the Grand Ole Opry. I do believe they give tours there if you’re interested in that. So much music history lies in that place. Definitely Nashville’s pride and joy. Alright, as you know I love hiking so it was only right that I found some place to hike during the time that I was here. My trip was in the middle of fall so the views were breathtaking. My friend and I headed to Deep Well Trailhead for some hiking. The incline was a killer. Literally. I thought I was going to pass out. But the view was totally worth it! Plus I felt like a total champ afterwards. That sums up most of my adventures while I was here. There are plenty more things to do if you have the time. If you’re a country music lover, then this is the place for you!



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