Seattle, Washington

Alright, I confess.. I had never thought much about Seattle until I binged watched Grey’s Anatomy. But let me tell you.. I sure am glad I decided to make this one of my west coast destinations.

I LOVE big cities as you can tell from my New York blog. I thought when I got to Seattle I was going to fall in love with the city. Instead, I ended up falling in love with the state. Washington is the most beautiful state I have ever been to. But before I get ahead of myself, lets talk about Seattle. Now I’m not like most people because I actually love the rain. I am happiest when it is overcast and stormy out. The high percentage of precipitation is the first thing that drew me to like Seattle. It doesn’t stop there though. Seattle has great history that is truly inspiring, showing that hard work and believing in your dreams can pay off. The view from the Space Needle is breathtaking. Not only do you get a good view of the city itself, but also the port. There are so many cool places in Seattle. One of which is the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum. These blown glass structures are art in its truest form. Another must is the Ferris wheel at Pier 57 known as the Seattle Great Wheel. Now there’s another great view for ya! Now don’t judge me, but I went on one of those duck boat rides where the bus can go in water… Yeah that was fun. It’s a fun way to tour and learn about the city as well as enjoy a day on the water soaking up the sun and history of Seattle. And to be clear, when I say history I don’t mean the boring kind. I mean the fun facts and interesting stories about successful people like John Nordstrom.

Now, get ready for me to obsess over how awesome Washington is. I’ll start off by saying it has everything you could ever want: waterfalls, forests, big city life, mountains, rivers, and even the ocean if you go west enough. My love for hiking that started in Portland only grew while in Washington. I had never seen real waterfalls before. Even though I love nature, I am convinced that Washington could convert even the most non nature lovers. The views of rivers running in between the miles of tree lines is astonishing. Fun fact: you can go canoeing at the University of Washington even if you aren’t a student there. The lake there is full of hundreds of lily pads floating atop the water. Definitely a must do if you have the time and are close by the campus.

Hiking trails are not hard to come by here. Take a trip to Deception Pass at Whidbey Island to get some good views. If you’re worried you’re not the hiking type or athletic enough for it, don’t worry there are plenty of paths to take that are easier. And personally at this time in my life I had never hiked before, and definitely was not in shape but if I could do it, I’m sure you can too! Besides, you’re so distracted by all of the nature around you that you don’t even notice you’re getting a workout in. Okay so since I was on an island and I had seen Grey’s Anatomy, it was only right that I take a ferry boat ride in McDreamy’s honor. Welllllll I could go on and on about this enchanting state, but I’ll save it so you can go visit it yourself!



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